A Message From the President
  Once the King of Olympic Sports, pankration is enjoying a well deserved rebirth as the ultimate combat sport of modern times. Designed to encompass all aspects of personal combat in a format that reflects reality as closely as a responsible sense of safety allows, pankration offers martial athletes the opportunity to use the techniques of their disciplines in competition with athletes of other sport combat disciplines, and facilitates the enhancement of martial skills through exposure to and cross training in the variety of disciplines represented.
   No matter what your discipline or training background, the World Pankration Federation welcomes you, and invites you to be a part of the most exciting martial sport of the future.
                                                                           Craig Smith
The World Pankration Federation recognizes the creator of modern pankration,
and founder of Mu Tau Pankration,
Jim Arvanitis.

"At the international level,
  it is the World Pankration Federation that is leading the way."                                                                                            - International Olympic Committee