The World Pankration Federation presents the First Annual
Collegiate Pankration Conference
Saturday, April **, 2004 (TBA)
10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Room *** North Memorial Union
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Sponsored by the
Mizzou Pankration Team

This conference is for all interested registered student martial art/combat sport organizations.  It will consist of a Referee & Coaching certification Clinic, a History of Pankration and Intro to the WPF Seminar, a full explanation of all rules and regulations and a demonstration tournament by the Mizzou Pankration Team to show officiating, refereeing and rules enforcement.

WPF membership dues will be $10 per person, per year.

We invite your student organization to attend.  For additional information, please contact:

Duane Hamacher
Executive Director, WPF